Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Mohawk

Here it is....the mohawk. It is so cool!! Colby thinks he's the coolest kid around. I won't leave it like this for long, but thought for the summer it would be fun. Not only that it has been good remedy for dry spots on his head.


It may surprise some, but until this day (a few days ago) we had not yet introduced Kinsey to a few of the most basic foods that young ones may enjoy. Cheetos was a hit! However, she still enjoys her celery sticks. Basically it's anything she can get away with putting in her mouth.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Baseball Game

So, Malia got us tickets to the baseball game in Round Rock. Thanks again!!! She and Faith came and hung out with us there for a while, but after Faith enjoyed her funnel cake and the game started they headed out. It was so much fun!! Look at our little man thinking he was the coolest. He thought it was really cool to see the game. Next time we will have to take a glove to catch the foul balls.

4th of July

We had a pretty good 4th. It had been since we moved to Texas that we had been to a parade, so we were pretty excited to take the kiddo's. I think it is funny how we go and do things (like parades) and swear that next year we will not do it again, because it is way too hot. We had forgotten that weather in Utah or Texas, the parades are way too hot!! I have to say Texas is a little warmer at 10am, so when we sat outside for two hours in 95 and the humidity it got miserable. We left after we had watched something like 168 "things" go by. I say things, because they were not floats. Texas is the only state I know that has a parade full of tractors and singing cowboy churches. This is not a joke. The mayor was in a fishing boat being pulled by a truck in a straw hat and overalls!!! I felt as if I was put there as a joke, challenging my very core not to make all out fun of everything. Colby had fun though and that was all that mattered.
That night we just went to our ward party and hung out. It was pretty fun, they had a big bounce house that was a waterslide. All of the kids played in that for a long time. Then they did a pinata, sack races, and finished the night with fireworks. We were all beat. The next day was not very pleasant taking the kids to sit through church--LOL!!