Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Visit with Nana and Papa, Aunt Chandi and Uncle Curt, cousins Brooklyn, and Lacey

Happy Thanksgiving! What a lucky thing for us. Nana and aunt Chandi came to visit when baby Kinsey was born. Papa Steve, uncle Curt, and uncle Zack came just before Thanksgiving and it was a great big celebration.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. What a spread.

Daddy loves his baby girl!

Colby will fix it!

Mama's little angel.

Both of Papa's little girls.

Daddy's pooped.

Nana's little girls.

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Ras Family said...

so glad you have new pictures up! you look GREAT! kinsey is a doll! that's cute that colby reads to her! i bet the family visit was lots of fun!