Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacation with the Giles

I'm such a slacker!!!! So, the Giles have been gone for a week and I am just getting to update my blog of all of the fun things we did while with them. It was soooooo fun to tag along with them. We joked about poor Gary having two wives that whole week, not to mention two extra kids. The looks we got when we went out to eat were priceless. We decided we were going to have t-shirts made up that said things like "No, I am not wife #2" or "Yes, we're from Utah".
Colby, my poor boy just does not know what to do with himself this whole past week. He misses his cousins like crazy. He has talked about them everyday. He is just counting down the days until we get to go out to Utah to see everyone. He ate up getting so much attention and so did Kinsey. She does not like me to put her down anymore. She really liked somebody always playing with her.
We hope all of the Giles know how much fun we had and how much it meant to us that they spent their family vacation in Texas, that we could tag along!!!

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Nichole Giles said...

We had so much fun! I haven't had time to update our family blog yet, but will try to do that this week.

You're right, we did get tons of pictures, so I should probably post some. They're great.


PS Can't wait until you guys come here now.